About Us

The Sylkie Enterprise has been providing a quality software experience since 1982. Richard Rogers released his first software offering, QuarterMaster, an inventory and storage management system for cruising sailors, racers, and long distance cruisers. Written in Clarion, and running on PC DOS systems, QuarterMaster sold well on Bulletin Board systems, one of the only means of online software distribution prior to the internet.

As a Clarion Developer, I began supplying custom templates and other assets to the Clarion programming community.

This year, I have begun working with the Godot game engine, with the goal of providing educational games to the public. We intend to provide these additional software offerings as Open Source, under the MIT license. Our funding will be derived through Patreon donations which will activate further useful area of this website.

Please feel free to register in order to follow our progress on this next step in the adventure! Initial registration will permit you to comment on our blog posts!